Look Development and Lighting Update

See what’s new with Mari and Katana on October 13. Join to learn about Katana's improvements to the performance space, the continued advancements in look development, and the long-term USD vision. We will also review the continued effort to streamline Mari's USD workflows and take a look at the artist tools coming in Mari 6.

LDL Update
Education Summit

Education Summit

On October 13, we will host an Education Summit dedicated to educators. Sony Pictures Imageworks’ Training Manager Greg Berridge will share their production pipeline and how students can best be prepared to enter the industry. Plus, we will cover the latest developments in machine learning and virtual production.


SIGGRAPH 2022 On Demand.

OpenAssetIO - 584x435

OpenAssetIO's Journey into the ASWF Foundations Lifecycle

OpenAssetIO is an open source project that gives tools a common asset-centric interface for resolving, discovering, and registering production data. Learn about OpenAssetIO's roots, what guided the project's evolution, and how brought it into ASWF's Project Lifecycle process.

Power of the Artist_ Machine Learning

Unleashing the Power of the Artist with Machine Learning

Take a look at how Foundry is investigating cutting-edge machine learning technology to put into the hands of the VFX community and how it inspired the development of the CopyCat node in Nuke, giving artists full control over the types of effects they can generate.

Mentorship Matters - 584x435 v2

Mentorship Matters

Professional mentorship has a significant impact on student artists. Partnered with ACCESS VFX and Foundry, this is a talk about the mentorship program at Santa Monica College where professional mentorship was embedded as a course requirement.

Near Real-Time Workflows

NRT Workflows for Virtual Production

Based on the project 'Comandante: Near Real-Time Workflows for Virtual Production' this presentation covers the near real-time workflow that helps immediately improve the quality of In-Camera VFX shots, bridging on-set and post-production.

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