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Upgrade your workflow with Nuke 15.1

Nuke 15.1 delivers future-facing pipeline tools, with OpenAssetIO, full OTIO round-trip support and custom USD versions. Plus UI updates and improved Review, CopyCat training, and more for greater artist control.

Read the full Nuke 15.1 release notes here.

CopyCat UI improvements

Manage multiple training runs with ease thanks to an improved CopyCat UI in Nuke 15.1. Using CopyCat for more complex shots requires an iterative process of training, validating, and refining the model to achieve the required quality. Until now, you could only resume or create inference nodes from the most recent training run, and the only way to remove previous training runs was to jump out and delete the files manually. The new context menu in the Runs table adds the option to resume, delete, create inference from, and change the visibility of training checkpoints.

BlinkScript unlocked layer channel mapping

Streamline your BlinkScript workflows with the new unlocked layer channel mapping. In Nuke 15.1, we’ve extended the BlinkScript node enabling you to pass up to four channels of any kind of image layer into an input pipe or through node output. Now you can easily build channels such as Motion and Depth into your custom Blink Effects with the unlocked multiple image inputs. This enhanced control gives you more power to create visually unique effects and tools to imagine looks like never before.

Updated A/B Compare controls

Enhancing review even further, Nuke 15.1 includes a redesign for the A/B Compare tools. Cut down the time you spend on Quality Control of versions, side by side comparison, and analyzing differences — with updates that make the Nuke Viewer A/B compare toolset easier to use, and more powerful when handling shots with long names.

Timeline Viewer Saturation Slider

In Nuke 15.0, we added a saturation slider to the Comp Viewer. This small but much-requested feature was designed to help you check your work, much like the Gamma and Gain controls already available. For this release, we’ve added the Saturation Slider to the Timeline Viewer, so that you can adjust saturation on your shots in context.

3D system time remapping (beta)

Time-focused features that enhance large-scale projection, 3D cleanup, and matte painting workflows continue the evolution of the new 3D system. When aligning geometry, a new Fractional Time mode in the TimeOffset and FrameHold nodes provides greater subframe precision. What’s more, new time controls for GeoImport and GeoReference bring fast speed adjustment and offset of animated data across entire stages or specific geometry pieces. And a new GeoUVProject Reference Frame control knob means you can easily have a projection stick on animated meshes.

CopyCat mixed-precision training

Train CopyCat even faster with new mixed-precision training. CopyCat will adapt the numerical precision used during different stages of its neural network training depending on your hardware. For operations that require less precision, such as linear layers, CopyCat will use half-precision floating point, while maintaining full floating point for higher precision operations. This change reduces the GPU memory footprint and allows CopyCat to train up to 2x faster without degrading output fidelity.

BlinkScript documentation & learning resources

The Blink framework at the core of BlinkScript is a powerful scripting language, similar to C++. BlinkScript enables you to write custom code for your own unique effects and then quickly optimize for, and deploy to, multiple different devices. This means fast performance on GPU interactive workflows that renders just as well on CPU render farms. To help you unlock the full capabilities of BlinkScript, we’ve rebuilt the Blink documentation. Now you have everything you need to create distinct styles that bring your visuals to a whole new level.

Improved Compare on the timeline

Review sequences from the timeline more efficiently with Compare tool UI updates that make the shot comparison process smoother and more intuitive. Including Tag and Track selector separation, active playhead display, and a new Display Sequence name label for sequences in the A & B buffer.

Monitor Out NDI resolution control

Hold more efficient review sessions with Nuke 15.1’s updates to Monitor Out. New Display Mode knob controls give you the flexibility to change your NDI stream resolution and frame rate without impacting your local timeline display. This means you can hold review sessions for high-resolution projects without the need to choose between performance and quality, or compromise your timeline. Ensuring clients, artists, and the full team see the same picture.

Improved 3D stage building (beta) 

We’re continuously making adjustments at each level of the new 3D system to maximize performance and responsiveness when handling the large amounts of data required when working in 3D scenes. For this update, we’ve improved the backend to make stage building in large 3D scenes faster and more responsive. Depending on the stage involved, this could mean tasks that previously took seconds, are now instantaneous. With the new system in beta, we look forward to hearing your experience on our community forum.

New Cattery ML models

We’ve added two new models to the Cattery, our library of Open Source machine learning models. Segment Anything from Meta semantically segments an image to create one or more object masks, and LaMa (Large Mask Inpainting) is a model for inpainting an area of an image. Nuke 15.1 comes bundled with upgraded dependencies, enabling the use of these models in Nuke.

Full OTIO round-trip support

First introduced in beta in Nuke 13.2, with continuous refinement based on your valuable feedback, OpenTimeline IO is now ready to take your workflows to the next level. Nuke 15.1 includes full OTIO round-trip support, providing full pipeline-ability and a smoother edit exchange experience. Easily share multi-track timelines between applications while retaining valuable metadata such as effects, editorial markers, and reformat properties, in an easy-to-understand, procedurally manipulatable JSON text file.

Improved OpenAssetIO support

With the release of 15.1, OpenAssetIO is no longer in tech preview, with extended integration including additional ingest nodes to support larger, more flexible pipelines. For closer integration with external asset managers and render farms, we’re also adding support for Frame Range, Original Range, and Colorspace properties.

Custom USD version support & USD version 23.11 (beta)

To make your pipeline more flexible, while ensuring you receive the benefits of USD, we’ve made swapping the USD version you use with Nuke even easier. A new environment variable, plus updated and reorganized subfolder storage for USD data using the same structure as a USD build, makes it easier to swap versions without impacting your workflow. The latest Nuke update also includes support for USD 23.11, including new features and bug fixes from Pixar, so you can use the USD version that works for you and your pipeline.

File format SDK updates

Stay up to date with industry standards thanks to support for the latest SDKs and cameras. Supported in Nuke 15.1 are: DNxHD .mxf writing for enhanced Avid-based workflows, RED R3D SDK 8.4.0 including new metadata-reading capability, MOV Data Range for greater image processing control when read into Nuke, and Sony RAW SDK 5.0.0.

PyTorch upgrade to 2.1.1

In Nuke 15.1 we’ve upgraded PyTorch, the library underpinning our machine learning tools. This upgrade brings additional performance and stability improvements, making it possible to convert machine learning models that have been trained with recent versions of PyTorch into models that can be used in Nuke.


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