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Extend the capabilities of your artistry with Modo 16.1. Enhance your modeling workflow, gain more control over how shapes are created, and effortlessly create complex 3D shapes from curves, all while benefiting from faster-than-ever rendering!

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Planar & Seam Decals

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MeshFusion: Geodesic Strip

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Viewport Curvature Shading

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Triplanar Texturing

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Planar Decals

In Modo 16.1, users can easily place and layer images on the surface of a model. With the new Planar Decals, placing images on 3D surfaces can be done with minimal distortion and without having to edit the UVs for the surface. Inspired by the game workflow, the Decal-Planar MeshOp allows artists to apply planar decals as presets on the surface of models. You can even render and bake decals to textures for use anywhere.

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Seam Decals

Less modelling effort when creating panels or seams on a model. Modo 16.1 brings Seam Decals, a feature that enables users to draw a curve on a surface and create an image-based seam that produces the illusion of model complexity without actually having to model the details. With its game-inspired application, the Decal-Seam MeshOp can be leveraged by artists on hard surface models with a lot of panels and nurnies.

The second release of the Modo 16 series brings greater visibility with the new Viewport Curvature Shading feature. It’s now easier for artists to better understand the forms they create as the Curvature Shading brightens the high areas and darkens the low areas. For a more informed modelling experience, this feature can simply be toggled and tuned by any 3D artist or designer.

Viewport Curvature Shading

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Adding textured materials to a surface doesn’t require UVs anymore. In Modo 16.1, we’re introducing Triplanar Texturing, a feature that projects textures onto a surface from multiple angles. When these textures overlap one another, Triplanar Texturing blurs and blends them, giving the impression of a single, consistent textured material over the surface. Artists can now quickly add a worn metal material to a complex surface without having to worry about creating UVs.

Triplanar Texturing

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Modo 16.1 brings significant improvements to MeshFusion and the way it operates. By adding Geodesic Strips, MeshFusion is now more reliable and fails less frequently, producing better results in more modeling cases and making it easier to troubleshoot whenever there’s a problem. Best of all, this is inherent to MeshFusion. There are no settings an artist needs to fiddle with.

MeshFusion: Geodesic Strips

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