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Get hands-on with USD-native workflows and benefit from Katana’s powerhouse LookDev and Lighting tools. Work with USD scenes natively in Katana and bring the benefits of this key industry standard into your pipeline. Not only that, get speedier interactive updates up to twice as fast thanks to multi-threaded Live Rendering designed to increase productivity. With Katana's production-proven toolset and USD, we're with you every step of the way.

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USD scene manipulation

Reduce pipeline friction with USD native workflows in Katana. Built on the same underlying architecture as Nuke’s new 3D system, Katana 7.0 focuses on building artist-friendly workflows that pair with Katana’s strengths in managing extremely complex scenes alongside the pipeline flexibility that comes with native USD. Expanding on the original USD Katana nodes which enabled USD to be brought into Katana, now comes the framework for native USD manipulation in Katana, alongside a new selection of nodes to harness the power of USD and Katana together.

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Multi-threaded Live Rendering

Experience speedier interactive updates that are up to twice as fast, with upgraded, muli-threaded Live Rendering. With enhanced Live Rendering and compatibility with Foresight+, you can greatly improve productivity and performance, all without compromise.

Optimized Geolib3-MT Runtime

Geolib3-MT Runtime has been optimized to improve memory management, ensuring that you can focus on what matters — whether a shot, scene or sequence. New caching strategies provide you with a scalable and robust solution to ensure that your render will fit on your farm.

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VFX Reference Platform 2023

You can benefit from the features of Katana 7.0 with the updated VFX Reference Platform 2023. It’s now easier than ever before to integrate Katana into your pipeline alongside other Foundry products and more.

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Get the most out of Katana 7.0 with Katana Learn. Explore dedicated tips, tricks, and tutorials covering brand-new features like the Multi-threaded live rendering and USD scene manipulation, so you can transform your workflow.

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Streamline your workflow with Katana

Discover how Katana can reduce your pipeline friction and what you need to consider when deploying it into your studio.

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Best practices for your lighting pipeline

Uncover challenges in episodic animation and find out how Katana contributes to creating a streamlined workflow.

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