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With cutting-edge Katana<>Nuke interoperability, Katana 5.0 features our most powerful architecture to date, becoming a must-have for your creative toolkit. Seamlessly collaborate, reduce feedback loops, and holistically achieve that perfect final render.

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Katana’s workflows include pioneering Artist-focused Lighting Tools, empowering artists to create, place and edit lights at the speed of thought.

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Katana Nuke Connected (new) - 1000x850

Katana and Nuke, connected

Overhauling the traditional digital lighting experience in a remarkable feat of UI and UX, Katana’s new Artist-focused Lighting Tools were designed to streamline creative workflows. Artists and teams can instantly respond to art direction requests in the viewer before focusing on the next creative challenge sooner, thanks to reduced iterations and feedback loops.


USD Workflow Improvements

Katana 5.0 ships with additional USD tools that allow artists to import and export lighting information from Katana, encouraging cross-team collaboration as each can more easily gain a closer approximation of final lighting design and choices. Departments can work more speedily by iterating in parallel to get to the final image sooner.
USD Workflow Improvements - 1000x850-1

Hydra Render Delegate support

As one of the first applications to deliver a Hydra-based viewport, Katana 5.0 officially supports render delegates from our render partners, shipping with an exciting new render delegate based on internal Foundry technology. With this release, artists can choose their viewer quality, whether that’s a GL-based preview approximation or a path-traced final look.

Foresight+: unrestricted live rendering

Foresight was introduced in Katana 4.0 as a means of allowing artists to dispatch Multiple Preview Renders to any machine. With Katana 5.0’s Foresight+, artists can now do the same with Live Rendering and work on as many shots as they like from one template. The result: artists can see every change made that influences all their shots in a sequence, live, inside Katana, without having to wait for tomorrow’s dailies. This raises the quality of all shots simultaneously with no nasty surprises.

Streamlined look development

Working across look development and lighting has never been easier thanks to the improvements Katana 5.0 brings to Foundry’s Network Material workflows. New support for Material Macros and User Parameters on Shading Groups encourages artists to reuse areas of their shaders between node graphs, projects and even other users. This streamlines the look development process from Material creation to fully customizable and reusable shader networks. Meanwhile, working with the Material Interface is a smoother experience thanks to provided defaults, allowing you to promote with speed, and a revamped Material Interface Options dialog, giving you more freedom to customize your parameter appearances.

Less pain points, more painting and shading

Katana 5.0 was developed with artists in mind, with a focus on reducing friction and workflow hurdles. Usability updates to the Network Material space include a streamlined shader network creation and reduced visual clutter. Visibility toggles on Input Connections mean artists can hide input connections on any Network Material node, whilst improvements made to Dot Nodes means artists can create omnidirectional connections to reinforce both vertical and horizontal networks for cleaner network organisation.

Quality of life improvements

Effortless creativity is everything, which is why Katana 5.0 features essential quality of life enhancements to let your ideas and artistry flow. Intuitive Port Filtering makes connections between nodes easier than ever. Collapsed nodes will auto-expand on hover, showing artists only the relevant ports based on the type of connection made, and turning a three-or-four click process into one—crucially giving artists more time to spend creating.

Instancing improvements

Instances can now be viewed within the Hydra-based viewport. Where we previously would have needed to launch a render before seeing this information, Katana 5.0 now has the ability to display instances without having to set off a render. Enjoy increased visibility and faster feedback when working with highly instanced projects.
Instancing improvements - 1000x561

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Get the most out of Katana 5.0 with Katana Learn. Explore dedicated tips, tricks and tutorials which cover brand-new features like Foresight Rendering and Katana’s Artist-focused Lighting Tools, so you can transform your workflow through the full power of Katana.

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I really like how the Hydra and Monitor Layer are working together - as a lighter there's nothing better. No studio should delay in upgrading in my opinion.- Abel Vargas

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