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Shot lighting, fast as lightning. Powerful and scalable, Katana is the look development and lighting tool you need.
Take your multi-shot workflows to the next level and experience unmatched speed with our powerful toolset so you can spend more time creating. Get straight to work, with Katana. 


What makes Katana different? 

Load complex scenes faster than ever

No waiting around with Katana’s game-changing deferred loading. How does deferred loading shine? By loading only the necessary lightweight files and not the whole asset. Our reference-based workflow gives you astonishing speed of loading times for large and complex scenes. Take a free trial and give your creative process a break.

Reach the pixel-perfect final render quicker

Create amazing work and streamline your workflows between Katana and Nuke. Nuke Bridge blurs the barriers between compositing and lighting, allowing you to benefit from seamless collaboration between the two applications. This feature is at your convenience in just one place so your creativity can have an impact everywhere.

Manage multiple shots in a single project

Light like clockwork with multi-shot lighting and apply your setup seamlessly across multiple shots. Katana excels at multi-shot lighting, allowing you to control multiple lights at the same time. The result? Faster lighting while still delivering high quality results. Creating faster, smarter and more efficiently is just a free trial away.

Have full visual control at all times

Cut down the hard work to keep up your creative streak with Foresight+. Even if the lighting conditions change, Foresight+ ensures consistency and is your antidote to unwelcome surprises. Don’t wait for tomorrow’s dailies to review as Katana gives you complete control of your shots in context today.

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Katana is a game changer in how we handle lighting - Ethan Crossno, Brazen Animation



Katana's track record of gracefully handling heavy data was a major reason for us to consider adopting it - Siddhartha Basu, Pipeline Lead at FutureWorks

Less waiting. More creating.

Get Katana straight into your pipeline and straight to work