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New and improved transfer utility

Experience increased performance with the new transfer utility process introduced in Flix 6.4. The new transport method is faster and more reliable than before allowing users to easily transfer files to and from Flix and import more panels and bigger batches quickly. Artists will be able to transfer processes and import files 10% faster than Flix 6.3. This new system also gives more information back to the user, so you know exactly how your imports and exports are progressing.

Transfer Queue Table

Adding to the work done to the transfer utility, we wanted to give users a way to easily feedback on what’s happening in Flix’s background. That’s why we’re introducing a clearer and more comprehensive UI to improve transparency and accessibility. The sleek and non-intrusive interface allows both artists and production to be up-to-date and track their transfer processes. Users will also be able to see and organize uploads and downloads.

New enabled UI

We have implemented a new saving system that allows users for much more freedom while waiting for transfers to complete. Flix 6.4 ships with a new enabled UI which is set to improve all users' experience with Flix. Users will be able to make changes to a revision whilst their transfers are in progress, and will also be able to leave their current revision to start work on another one in the same sequence. Plus, users will be able to move from one sequence to another and even switch between shows without losing any transfer data.

Storyboard Pro<>Avid roundtrip

Discover a smoother journey from SBP to Avid in Flix 6.4 with support for camera move keyframes transfer into AAF, all through Flix. We’ve changed the way Flix imports files—for panels with either camera moves or layer transforms. Flix will now import both full-canvas PSDs and QuickTime rendered directly from Storyboard Pro. For panels with camera moves, Flix will continue to import the keyframes and with the new read/write AAF system, there will be full support of camera moves preview and editing across the whole round trip from story to editorial, and back to story.

Implemented preview options

Flix 6.4 brings users new flexibility for their import into preview preferences. Users can now manage their preview setting in the Panel Browser section of Preferences. The new default preview settings enables users to see either the full animation or the first frame. Alternatively, if users need to quickly change these settings, they can do so on the single panel they need, without having to go back to Preferences. The latest release also enables users to import both PSD and MOV, allowing for different kinds of review based on the needs of the end-user.

Support for .sbpz file import

Introducing support for .sbpz files for Flix 6.4. Users can now import .sbpz files into their projects, reducing the number of files per show that they will have to handle. Users can discover a more optimized experience with less storage shortages, backup issues or loss of data.

Keep up-to-date with the current Flix version

Find out about the latest Flix versions with the updates to Flix’s client/server software. We’ve made improvements to Flix’s client/server software. This improvement allows for future versions of the Flix Client to be automatically upgradeable via the client on startup. Flix will detect if the server is a newer version and notify users when they can upgrade, you’ll then be able to download it automatically. This update also enables users to ensure there isn’t a mismatch between the client and server versions and can upgrade accordingly.

Photoshop 2022 support

In Flix 6.4, we’ve added support OS so users will be able to use Photoshop 2022 and reduce friction in their pipeline. We’re continuing to optimize this support and ensure that Flix complies with the new way Photoshop will create plugins.

1.0 and 2.2 aspect ratio

It’s important for users to have the flexibility to use their preferred aspect ratios for productions, that’s why we’ve added support for the 1.0 and 2.2 aspect ratios to Flix. This allows users to benefit from a wider selection choice and support content for widescreens and mobile devices.

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