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Flix 6.6 enhances studio-wide collaboration by improving on infrastructure customization, asset version control and change visibility, allowing teams working on a project to rely on Flix as the central hub of the creative process.

The Publish Email redesign reduces manual work while the reverse proxy support allows Flix to leverage cloud platform tools such as auto-scaling. Forget about inconsistencies brought by inefficient manual practices with the new intelligent versioning system.

With the improved automation and impassable security, artists can trust the latest version of Flix to optimize even the most complex pipelines.

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Publish Email Redesign

Unlock studio-wide collaboration and experience an improved email notification, sent during publishing to Editorial and back to Flix. In Flix 6.6, the Publish Email notification has been redesigned to allow Production and Editorial users to view the email from their phone or web browser without compromising the quality of the template, seamlessly download the published files, and gain more visibility on changes to the sequence.

Intelligent Versioning System

Make the most of third-party integrations and remove headaches and mistakes caused by inefficient manual practices. With the intelligent versioning system brought in Flix 6.6, users can benefit from strengthened asset management and version control. Run by automation, the new tracking asset versioning system is now more precise thanks to advanced pixel data comparison algorithms and paves the way for an efficient pipeline.

Reverse Proxy Support

Connecting with your teams is not a barrier even if you work remotely. Flix 6.6 brings you reverse proxy support so you can customize your studio’s connection with the Flix Server. Create a server anywhere you are, keep it secure with the ability to hide its location, and benefit from easier-than-ever cloud configuration. Whatever your studio’s needs, you can effortlessly customize your connections around load balancing, web acceleration, security, and anonymity.

macOS 13.x (Ventura) & Storyboard Pro 2022 Qualifications

The latest release makes Flix more accessible than ever. With Flix 6.6, users can confidently run Flix natively on macOS 13.x and can receive our support for any potential issues they may encounter on their OS of choice. Additionally, artists can now upgrade to the latest version for Storyboard Pro 2022 and seamlessly work with Flix.

Karen Disher, Story Artist and Creative Director at Spire Studios shares what goes through an artist's mind when crafting a story and why collaboration is a vital part of the process.

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