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Flix 6.5 brings new fully customizable features and improved automation, giving artists the freedom to choose how they tell their stories and share them securely.

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Group Permission and User Management

Flix 6.5 brings a new permission system based on groups and roles, allowing admin users to manage, access, and share information with the most relevant team members. Users can now be assigned roles within multiple projects and groups. The new fully customizable permission system is integrated with the LDAP setup so that studios can incorporate Flix into their own company-wide permission and security system.

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Studio-Wide Contact Sheets

Streamline your review process and easily share work from story to editorial, production or external stakeholders with Flix 6.5. Contact Sheets are now more flexible and diverse, allowing users to have access to multiple templates and to select which template to use from either the Publish modal or the Export modal. Adaptable to every studio’s needs regardless of its size and easily customizable, the improved Contact Sheets allow for better cross-pipeline integration.

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Media Relinking and Versioning System

Adopt and implement Flix in your pipeline at any time regardless of the stage of the production process with the new media relinking and versioning system in Storyboard Pro for panels originated in Flix. Whether a panel is ingested for the first time manually or from editorial, Flix can maintain tracking and versioning, allowing for a smooth round-trip from one department to another. The improved versioning system and its interoperability with Storyboard Pro gives more freedom to artists who can now open their workflow to more apps.

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New Panel Versioning System for Manual Import

Smooth out inter-software processes within the story department with the new panel versioning system for manual import. In Flix 6.5, users can now have their panels automatically versioned when they manually import them from apps other than Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Avid, and Adobe Premiere. This release allows artists to make the most out of an even stronger versioning and asset tracking system Flix offers.

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Managed Source File Support for Storyboard Pro (.sbpz)

Make the review process and data management easier with the introduction of managed source file support for Storyboard Pro. Brought to you in Flix 6.5, this feature enables users to store their .sbpz projects in the server and use them as source files for easy retrieval. Having to remember the locations or names of the files is now a thing of the past thanks to the easy access to main source files this addition facilitates. Collaboration between story and editorial is improved and artists can focus on creativity rather than administrative work.

Related Panels Implementation

To further improve collaboration between story and editorial, Flix 6.5 puts forward the related panels implementation feature. Users can now detect all the related panels that editorial used in the creation of the new panels. How does this translate into workflows? It builds on making Flix a central hub for file and data management by helping artists save time and benefit from an improved asset tracking.

Easier API Access

In Flix 6.5, user experience is massively improved as artists have easier API access and a more comprehensive documentation. Finding the exact match for a panel ID in the panel browser is only one click away. This release welcomes wider scripting and opens infinite possibilities of customization.

Webhooks System

Eliminate repetitive work and save time with the Webhooks System brought in Flix 6.5. The power of custom event-based triggers helps users automate standard processes and take action when a certain process happens, from importing and publishing to exporting and creating a new entity. This new system allows for increased capacity and effectively reduces costs.

Apple Silicon M1 Support

For more accessibility than ever, Flix 6.5 is the first Foundry product to support Apple Silicon. With this release, users can now experience full compatibility and run Flix with an ARM-based Apple Silicon M1 processor.

Karen Disher, Story Artist and Creative Director at Spire Studios shares what goes through an artist's mind when crafting a story and why collaboration is a vital part of the process.

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