Including improved extension management and personalization, Single Sign On support, Maya integration, and more.

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What’s new in Flix 7.0

Flix 7.0 has been designed to streamline collaboration across your Editorial, Production, and Storyboarding teams. With updates that provide enhanced workflows, powerful pipeline customization, artistic flexibility and more improvements designed to bring your teams and your stories together. 

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Maya integration 

The new Maya extension bridges 2D and 3D to create efficient workflows that enhance story visualization for complex environments and involving dynamic camera moves. Snapshots and Playblasts of 3D scenes in Maya can now be sent to Flix as panels, and panels can be taken from Flix for reference when building 3D scenes in Maya.

Email notification preferences 

Customize your email preferences to ensure you only receive email notifications from the specific projects or teams that are relevant to you, reducing the volume of automatic emails in your inbox and allowing you to focus on what matters.

Photoshop extension redesign & UXP support

The Photoshop plugin has been rebuilt from the ground up, including improved UI customization and expanded functionality. Customize your workspace with new extension resizing, color scheme customization, action icon options, and more. Plus explore the new actions – Replace Thumbnails, Replace Layers, and Replace Selected Frames.

Source File Library

Browse and locate all source files with their associated panels in one easily accessible place – regardless of their origin – with the Source File Library. Flix 7.0 makes collaboration even smoother by providing one central place for team members to store and find all source files.

Adobe Premiere Adapter improvements 

Flix 7.0 includes improvements to the Premiere Adapter that accelerate Flix to Premiere roundtripping and enhance editorial workflows. The Multitrack Adapter provides a new, more efficient way to process XMLs. You can see all Flix panels used as the starting point alongside any reference panels from Premiere, making the review process quicker and easier. Customization options available for Media Composer have been added for publishing to Premiere.

macOS Sonoma qualification 

With this update you can confidently run Flix natively on macOS 14.x (Sonoma) ensuring you can use Flix on the latest version of macOS with all relevant security and feature updates.

Adobe Photoshop & Premiere 2023/24 qualification 

Upgrade to the latest versions of your artistry tools of choice with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere 2023/24 qualification in Flix 7.0.

Single Sign-On support

Enhance the security and flexibility of your pipeline with Flix 7.0s Single Sign-On (SSO) support. With SSO pipeline teams can quickly and easily provision and remove users as needed, and implement Multi-Factor Authentication for greater security.

New extensions management system

In version 7.0 the Flix client and extensions have been decoupled, with the introduction of a new extensions management system. As well as providing the flexibility to update extensions independently of Flix releases, this system provides one single place to install, manage, and view all of your extensions and extension versions at once.

Generate remote client API

With the powerful new API you’ll have everything you need to create custom integrations to interact with the Flix Client in a more dynamic and flexible way. Whether you want to build new integrations with other third party or in-house tools, or simply create scripts to automate production tasks, this API gives you the tools you need.

New Metadata System

The metadata system enhances automation and pipeline integration possibilities. You can now define, assign, edit, and retrieve metadata for the following entities – Users, Shows, Episodes, Sequences, Sequence revisions, Panels, and Panel revisions. In addition to this and many other possible uses, when combined with the Webhook system it can be used to drive external asset and production tracking tools such as Ftrack and Shotgrid.

VFX Reference Platform 2023

Maintain pipeline security and optimisation with Flix 7.0’s full support for VFX Reference Platform 2023. These updates include qualification for Rocky 9 as a fully supported operating system for the Flix server. Plus with Python 3.10 support you can continue to use the Flix SDK and create custom integrations for Flix 7.0 with the latest version of Python.

Third-party qualifications

Confidently run Flix 7.0 natively on macOS 14.x (Sonoma) ensuring you can use Flix on the latest version of macOS with all relevant security and feature updates. Additionally, upgrading to the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere will maintain seamless integration with Flix 7.0, and databases can be fully updated with MySQL 8 qualification for optimized security.

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