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Colorway 5.0, Designing The Future

With Colorway 5.0, iterate on specific colors directly within your imported scanned materials. Create a “blank version” of a texture and apply your own custom color variations. Work seamlessly across multiple projects at one time to copy colors and source items between tabs. Use our enhanced source browser to more quickly and efficiently gather your source content. Finally, choose the background theme that best suits you. With all these enhancements and more, Colorway 5.0 is our most user-friendly release yet!

Explore the new features.

Subdivide Texture

Colorway 5.0 allows you to select the colors (or ranges of colors) of imported images and/or textures, and then individually recolor those parts by saturation or hue. Particularly helpful with imported material scans, this feature allows you to take a flat image and rapidly iterate on individual colors directly in Colorway.

Material Tinting Mode

With this new functionality, you can now lock the original color of a texture only to the thumbnail image, allowing the texture you apply to appear white on the asset(s) until you are ready to start applying your own custom color variations.

Multiple Project Capabilities

Up till now, you’ve only been able to work on one project at a time. But, with Colorway 5.0, you can open multiple projects at one time and toggle between them without the need to save and close a project before opening a new one. This allows you to move between projects and seamlessly copy items from one tab to the next.

LiveSource Browser Enhancements

We've completely redesigned the LiveSource browser to have a much more intuitive UI with updated icons, a new "favorites" section, toggling between a list or grid layout, a new breadcrumb bar, search bar, and keyboard navigation functionality. You now have full functionality right at your fingertips.

Colorway Theme Options

In Colorway 5.0, you have the options you need to let your designs take center-stage. You can choose from five themes (black, dark-gray, mid-gray, light-gray, white) as the perfect backdrop for your projects and let the UI melt into the background.

Colorway Table Sorting

With these updated table options, you can automatically sort your Dynamic Tables by each individual column in the table itself or sort by each column in the layout menu. On top of that, you are also able to change the layout of your tables (vertical, horizontal).

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Colorway tutorials are available 24/7 to provide you the expertise you need to master Colorway and are ready to teach you everything you need as you continue on your design iteration journey.

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