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Modo 15.0, Designing The Future

The first of three releases in the Modo 15 series, 15.0 introduces new workflow paradigms that define the future of design and content creation. MeshFusion has been re-envisioned from the ground-up to improve performance, refine user-experience and reduce technical barriers. MeshFusion has also received technology updates that further enhance this powerful toolset. Rig Clay, Command Regions and Form Presets have been updated to support meshops, continuing Modo's commitment to user-custmization. QuickCam has also been added to mPath allowing for faster iteration. With Additional features and enhancements throughout modeling and animation, the stage is set for a spectacular 15 series.

Introducing Modo 15.0.

With meaningful features and enhancements across the application, Modo 15.0 has been engineered to accelerate your every day.

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Direct Modeling

Modo defined good modeling workflow... With every release it has grown in power and flexibility. Users can rapidly create and manipulate geometry with a tremendous array of context-aware tools. New additions to the 15 series include Unsubdivide, enhancements to Chamfer Edit, and support for overlapping boolean islands. Offset Curves also now supports more curve types, continuing our dedication to the direct modeling toolset.

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Procedural Modeling

When we add or enhance a direct modeling tool, those changes are applied to our procedural toolset. This has led to a robust set of modeling tools that can be edited at any modeling stage. The 15 series has added support for Loop Slice and Unsubdivide. Mesh Fusion workflow has been completely revised for ease-of-use. It also now supports accurate edge weighting and low resolution meshes to further enable creative exploration.

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Rendering & Shading

Modo is renowned for its powerful preview rendering window. mPath interactive is the first step towards adding this functionality to the new physically-based path trace renderer. Users can now get instant, in-context feedback for this groundbreaking renderer in 15.0 while we continue to expand upon the functionality of the speedy interactive mode.

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Animation & Rigging

Rigging and Animation are often treated as an isolated set of features. Instead, Modo treats these tools more holistically, emphasizing their use in asset creation, design iteration and communication. Rig Clay, enables user-defined gestural control and now supports control of meshops. Command Regions are now easier to use/manage enabling users to create a curated environment based on viewport interaction.

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Performance and Continuity

With every release of Modo, performance improvements are treated as a feature. However, in a 3D application, that means different things in different areas of the application. In 15.0 we’ve added support for Python 3 and QT5 providing inherent improvements to the UI and script performance. Furthermore, the MeshFusion Workflow overhaul addresses performance from a workflow and design perspective making MeshFusion a joy to use.

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The viewport in many 3D applications started as a quick preview renderer. Modo helped evolve the role of a viewport into a functional and customizable authoring environment. Enhancements to Command Regions and Rig Clay further this commitment. The addition of depth-of-field to the advanced viewport lets users refine camera settings interactively without having to launch a full render and the new MeshFusion workflow emphasizes viewport-centric workflows, setting the stage for the Modo vision of the future of content creation.

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Workflow and User Experience

Modo's features have always been engineered with workflow and user experience as the highest priority. Modo 15.0 carries on this emphasis with many thoughtful UI refinements. Enhanced boolean functionality, expanded preset capabilities and the new MeshFusion workflow introduces a completely new interaction paradigm that is the foundation for defining the future of modeling workflow.

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Tech Specs

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