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Building on the work started in Mari 4.5, from the introduction of Mari’s game-changing Materials System to the Geo-channels added in Mari 4.6, our latest Mari release continues to advance the art of texturing and look development. With the new procedural mask workflow, improved Shelf Palette and extended Post Process feature, artists can enjoy the latest developments and continue to make breath-taking textures with ease.

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Procedural Masks

Rapidly block out where each layer affects the look of an asset using the new procedural mask workflow. This extended workflow allows artists to author, share and use procedural mask presets, leveraging Geo-Channels to procedurally adapt masks to the form of your asset.

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Custom Procedurals

We’ve extended the all-new procedural masks workflow to allow artists to author, share and use customized procedural presets as layers for color and scalar channels. With quick and easy application of presets, artists can block out the look of an asset’s channel procedurally.

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Refreshed Shelf

Bringing artists’ libraries right to their fingertips with the improved Shelf. The refreshed UI adds a navigation pane and removes the cumbersome nature of Mari’s previous Shelf Palette. Plus, Shelf items now also have adjustable thumbnail sizes and all-new, informative graphical tooltips.

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Material Isolation

With this new shader mode, artists can view materials in isolation without having to change any layer visibility settings, allowing artists to fine-tune their materials within a full lighting response context.

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Bake Point to Texture Streaming

Look development artists can now include command-line processes to convert Bake Point exported image files to render engine native texture formats in the background of every update. This allows artists to stream Mari texture data directly into texture shading nodes inside of Katana.

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Material Bake Points

The Material Bake Point node comes with a spreadsheet-style UI to batch edit and bake multiple properties of a material’s streams at once. Paired together with the new Material Isolation mode, Mari 4.7 lifts the ceiling on how many materials an artist can harness.

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Node Graph Improvements

Mari’s Node Graph now includes new keyboard modified gestures for selection, navigation and moving nodes, as well as smarter chained node creation when working with multi-channel Material nodes.

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Refreshed Python Console

The refreshed Python Console adds a series of developer quality-of-life features and gives pipeline TDs added flexibility when managing multiple script snippets, alongside new shortcuts for more extensive script editing.

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Customizable Drag and Drop

Pipeline TDs can now create infinite drag and drop workflows for their studio’s pipeline with the new API hooks. Mari will also treat specified data types as native data whilst hovering over the palettes, allowing for more seamless integrations with your pipeline.

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Get the most out of Mari with Foundry Learn. Explore dedicated tips, tricks and a whole host of tutorials that uncover the ins and outs of using our products. Transform your look development and create 3D texture painting without limits.

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Learning with Zak Boxall

Zak Boxall, texture and look development artist at ILM Sydney, discusses his career, creative inspiration, and top tips for Mari users and burgeoning artists.

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Look development, lighting and texturing on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Discover how the look development and texturing teams at Sony Pictures Imageworks harnessed the power of Katana and Mari on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse here!

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Mari 4.7 is a really killer update. Material bake points, new shelf UI and stability boosts to name a few. This release has been designed for material workflows, with scalability and performance in mind. It’s an absolute lifesaver, a must-have for every artist - Antoni Kujawa, VFX Freelancer
The new shelf continues the modernization of the Mari Interface, making it really nice to organize your materials, brushes and images while the Material Bake Points greatly improve handling of complex scenes. Both are things you’ll quickly no longer be able to live without—I can't wait to fully switch to Mari 4.7 - Jens Kafitz
The new version of Mari will help me to stay even more productive when working in the node graph. The new multi bake points shave time off setting up and will be a huge time saver when working on large, demanding projects where I need to manage resources. As a bonus, there have been many quality of life features added, as well as a brand new shelf with new custom procedurals—this is a massive update! - Peter Aversten, Cinesite

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