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What is HieroPlayer?

 An artist desktop review tool that lets you playback shots or a sequence and compare versions of renders quickly, letting you easily see your work in the context of the VFX timeline.

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What's the deal?

Free annual subscriptions of HieroPlayer with your Nuke or NukeX license.

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How do I get it?

On-demand via the form below, or automatically when renewing your existing Nuke or Nuke X license.

Why HieroPlayer.

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Unify your creative process
HieroPlayer offers seamless integration with the rest of the Nuke family for faster, more efficient teamwork, supported by its robust Python API. Efficiently review annotations, and compare and manage versions with ease.
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Having access to a shared timeline facilitates a holistic view of the creative process and makes continuity between shots that much easier to achieve.
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Bridge your node graph and timeline
Tackle complex productions, efficiently and at scale, thanks to HieroPlayer’s ability to connect to a Nuke Studio or Hiero timeline for efficient review across multiple departments.
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Colour consistency
Nuke Studio, HieroPlayer and Nuke all have the same colour management system—OpenColorIO—meaning your review sessions benefit from the same robust colour system in Nuke.
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Review your way
In addition to integration with Nuke, HieroPlayer can be connected to your shot manager of choice and workflows extended using the Python API, allowing you to quickly generate timelines on the fly, build dailies playlists and more, so you can tackle complex productions efficiently and at scale.
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Moving to a multi-shot mindset
Using HieroPlayer, you’re encouraged to think beyond single-shot composting to think in context of the final project, enabling more work to be completed in less time.
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Terms and Conditions

  • Free annual subscription seats of HieroPlayer offered to all Nuke customers:
    • 1 x HieroPlayer per Nuke/NukeX license
    • Not applicable for holders of Nuke Studio, Production Collective, Education Collective, Nuke Indie or Nuke Non-Commercial licenses
  • This will be a fixed-term subscription license, co-termed with your Nuke maintenance 
  • Maximum of 200 free HieroPlayer seats per company